Gardner Middle School (5-7)

The Gardner Middle School welcomes students in grades five, six, and seven. Commensurate with the developmental changes unique to middle school students, our goal is to provide for academic, physical, psychological, social and cultural needs of the individual child.  The school is dedicated to the continual development of programs, which provide for a variety of child-centered instructional methods sensitive to the needs, limits, interests, and talents of early adolescents in an ever-changing society.

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  1. GMS Summer Reading

    As we head into the summer, it is our hope that the GMS community continues to read. Reading for at least 20 minutes a day is important, and though reading may not be everyone’s preferred activity, there are many benefits to reading regularly. Read on...
  2. Bus Survey

    As we plan to open school during this temporary COVID-19 pandemic, we would like to know your plans for busing your child(ren) to school. Read on...
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