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Health Department

  1. Body Piercing/Tattooing Application
  2. Catering License Application - Annual

    Annual catering permit application for the City of Gardner.

  3. Food Establishment Application - Annual/Seasonal
  4. Septage Hauler Application
  5. Solid Waste Hauler Application
  6. Tobacco Application
  7. Unattended Donation Box Application Permit
  1. Catering Event Form - One Day

    One-day catering application for the City of Gardner. You must also be licensed in the city of your base of operations.

  2. Food Establishment Application - 1 Day or 1 Event

    FEE: $20.00/Day NOTE: Fee may be waived for organizations that currently possess an Annual food license from the Gardner Board of... More…

  3. Missed Trash/Recycling/Yard Waste (Gardner MA)
  4. Septic System Installer Application
  5. Tanning Facility Application
  6. Trash Fee Abatement Form
  7. Well Permit Application