Counselor Corner

GMS Mental Health Resource Library - Our hope is that you use this resource library to find helpful information about issues that may be impacting your child. Middle School is an amazing time of growth and development for children, but it is also a time when youth may experience emotional changes that are difficult to understand and explain, be exposed to varying degrees of peer pressures, and are exerting their independence in ways that may not match your expectations.  As safe and trusted adults in their lives, it is our job to empathize with and validate their experiences, while providing safe and consistent boundaries in order to support their healthy development.

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  1. Nychele Clark

    Adjustment Counselor
    Phone: (978) 632-1600, ext. 1308

  2. Genevieve Kane-Howse

    Adjustment Counselor
    Phone: (978) 632-1603, ext. 2003

  3. Jinnee Strus

    School Counselor
    Phone: (978) 632-1603, ext. 2503