***As of August 2023, the Assessor's Office is conducting cyclical inspections as mandated by the Bureau of Local Assessment (BLA).  The BLA requires each community to re-inspect ALL properties at least every nine (9) years.  The collection and maintenance of accurate property data is critical to ensure that all taxpayers are assessed fairly.

If the inspector comes to your door, they will request to measure the exterior and to do an interior inspection.  You may ask to see their city issued ID.  If interior access is denied, you will be asked to verbally confirm the information contained on the current property record card.  If nobody is home, a callback notice will be left and exterior measurements will be taken.  The inspector will not go onto a property that is marked "No Trespassing".

If you have questions about someone visiting your property, please call the Assessor's Office at 978-630-4004.***

The FY2023 Tax Rate is $16.13


  • Classify and determine "full and fair cash value" of all real and personal property according to Massachusetts General Law (Chapter 59)
  • Review and act upon all real and personal property abatement applications
  • Process all motor vehicle abatement requests
  • Review and process all exemption applications for qualifying elderly, widowed, blind, or disabled veteran citizens
  • Review all applications for accuracy regarding tax incentives for land used for recreational, forestry, or agricultural purposes
  • Implement a revaluation of the Town's real and personal property every 5 years.

Fiscal Year 2023 Assessed Values

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