Human Resources

The overall mission of the Human Resources Department is the ensure that employees are hired, compensated and managed properly and fairly. The Human Resources Department is responsible for providing assistance to other departments and the oversight of all Human Resources related functions.
  • The Human Resources Department strives to achieve this mission through the following:
  • The development and implementation of Human Resource policies to maintain compliance with those rules, laws and regulations governing all employee related areas.
  • Act as a liaison to assist in the management of employee relations matters.
  • Assist the Mayor with collective bargaining, grievances and discipline situations.
  • Oversee and administer employee benefit programs.
  • Advise all Departments and employees relative to hiring, career development, performance evaluation and termination of employment.
  • Maintain personnel records.
  • Manage unemployment compensation, workman’s compensation, injured-on-duty claims and employee assistance programs.
  • Oversee Civil Service processes for the City.

Fair and Equal Treatment

The City of Gardner recognizes its moral and legal obligation to treat fairly and equitably, all its citizens and employees, whether past, present or future, without regard or consideration to race, sexual orientation, color, religious creed, sex, age, national origin, genetics, military status, ancestry or disability.

The City of Gardner is an equal opportunity employer.