Gardner Educational TV

Gardner Educational Television, Channel 8, is granted to the City of Gardner as a governmental and educational partnership. Gardner Educational Television (GETV) is supported by Comcast Cable, under a franchise agreement with the City of Gardner. The purpose of the channel is to serve the citizens of Gardner with quality programming that contains information on the governmental, educational, and public activities in the city.

Objectives of Gardner Educational Television

  • To provide information about programs and services offered by government departments, agencies, boards, commissions and government-supported agencies.
  • To expand citizen awareness of government and its decision-making processes by cablecasting live and tape delayed government meetings and civic events.
  • To enhance existing public information materials by using cable television as a public information tool.
  • To highlight activities and programs about the Gardner Schools, its students, staff, and policies.
  • To promote public safety
  • To ensure that all programming and operations meets ethical, professional, artistic, and legal standards of the broadcasting/cable television industry.