Electronic Bulletin Board

The GETV Electronic Bulletin Board is available for the purpose of promoting community events, and providing public service information. The content of the announcements must be non-commercial. GETV cablecasts the Electronic Bulletin Board on channel 8. Each message runs 10 to 15 seconds, and the entire system repeats approximately every 10 minutes. Bulletin Board users must acknowledge responsibility for the content of the listing.
  • Schedule
  • We reserve the right to edit the content of announcements, as well as accept or decline a request for an announcement.
  • No profit-oriented announcements, please.
  • No anonymous submissions.
  • Submission Deadline is 2 weeks prior to event or service!
  • Text should try to be kept to 20 - 25 words.
  • Please send announcements via:
    • Email (preferred)
    • Fax: 978-632-7836