Public Records Requests

  1. BUSINESS HOURS:  Monday-Thursday:  7:00 AM – 3:00 PM/Fridays:  7:00 AM – 12:00 PM *Excluding Holidays.  *Request Forms need to be filled out as completely, accurately, and legibly in order to fill request promptly.
  2. AFTER HOURS:  Central Dispatch will provide request forms for Records Department.  If request is made by phone, or otherwise, sufficient information must be submitted for Records department to research and fill.
  3. FEES:  $.05 Per Page/ *Requests can be made via electronic transmission. $.50 Per Media item (e.g. DVD, CD). *Extensive research/investigation involving records requests shall incur additional applicable charges to include; Records Clerk hourly wages, postage, etc.
  4. REQUEST COMPLETION BY DEPARTMENT:  Within *10 Business Days.  If records research extends beyond 10 Days, the records clerk will notify the requestor of such, with an estimated time of delivery of such records.
  5. EXEMPTIONS:  The law calls for several exemptions to Public Records releases.  Complete lists of exemptions are available under M.G.L. Chapter 66, available at:  A requestor denied by law to records under the exemptions will be notified of such by Records Department. 
  6. REDACTED RECORDS:  The law further prohibits certain personal information contained in reports to be released, and records can be redacted before released.

Please use our online Public Request Form


All further requests, inquiries, and questions should be directed to:

Deputy Chief James F. Trifiro, Jr.
Records Access Officer
200 Main Street
Gardner, MA 01440

Stacia Clement
Records Access Senior Processing Clerk
200 Main Street
Gardner, MA 01440