This division is the most critical unit within the department. After receiving the information from the communications center, sworn officers respond to a great number of calls, ranging from simple community oriented issues within the city, up to the most critical incidents involving the threat of violence, potential loss of life, and facing the harm that can result from any call-for-service. Sworn officers can face challenges beyond imagination on; motor vehicle car stops, family disputes, runaways and missing children, shoplifting calls, and many more different types of calls that we must respond, react, and resolve to our greatest abilities.
Each sworn officer receives at minimum, 32 weeks of training through the state run police academies, along with a comprehensive department training period before an officer can respond to the first call for service. Training continues on a regular basis to ensure all current changes in the law are upheld and adhered to.


Each officer is held to a high ethical standard in conducting themselves with each person they come in contact with. Officers have many more duties;
  • Residential patrols
  • Business/Commercial patrols.
  • Motor vehicle enforcement of traffic laws
  • Accident investigations
  • Crisis intervention
  • Community Policing methods (positive interaction with public)
  • Arrest and detention of suspects
  • Aid to victims of crimes
  • Obtaining statements from victims, witnesses, and suspects.
  • Crowd Controls (parades and large scale events)
  • Traffic control
  • Crime Scene Investigations/Securing crime scenes.

About the Division

The Patrol Division of the Gardner Police Department is made up of 21 men and women, working 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. Officers work on a rotating schedule, often missing time with family through holidays, family events, and the normal family life schedules many of us enjoy. These 21 men and women are dedicated to serving this community to ensure the safe and health of each are provided daily in a world that is very demanding, and expecting of us to adapt to the needs of each individual as they enjoy this protection through the services we provide. One of the biggest misconceptions from the public with police officers are that they are often “unfriendly, or rude” in their dealings with the public. Very few citizens realize the serious dangers patrol officers face each day. Beyond car stops and domestic disturbances, which are the leading calls that place officers in the most danger, even a simple “officer requested” call for something minor can turn deadly in an instant for a variety of reasons. Officers must maintain control and be vigilant with each person they deal with on the street. Officers strive for professionalism, courtesy, and respect for each person they contact. They must also be aware of the danger each person can pose to them.