Is a waiver of the three-day waiting period available?
If there is reason to dispense with the three-day waiting period, a couple may apply to a Justice of a Massachusetts Probate or District Court to have the license issued without delay. Applicants can proceed to the courthouse after filing the “Notice of Intention to Marry” with the City Clerk. Upon such court order, the license may be issued without delay. The parties, prior to issuance of the license, must present the certified copy of the court order to the City Clerk which will be retained.

The Gardner District Court is located at 108 Matthews Street and can be reached at 978-632-4276. The fee for the waiver is currently $195. Call the District Court for the for the waiver and methods of payment. The Court staff recommends that applicants for waivers arrive at the Courthouse no later than 3 p.m. to assure ample time for consideration of the waiver prior to closing time.

Imminent Death - If the death of either party is imminent, a license may be issued without delay upon request of a minister, clergyman, priest, rabbi, authorized representative of a Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is or attending physician. The request must be notarized and should include a statement that the possibility of death before three days exists (G.L. c.207 §30).

Immigrants - If either party to the marriage has arrived as an immigrant from a foreign country within five days of the wedding, the Intentions may be filed at any time before the wedding and the license may be issued any time after filing Intentions (G.L. c.207 §29). Immigration papers are to be shown to the City Clerk, who will make a true copy attest to be maintained.

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